The creator behind, Austin De Chêne has been inspired by the production talents of Armin Van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. As a result he has created a signature style representing his unique interpretation of the trance and progressive genre.

As a DJ, Austin De Chêne has carefully studied the production of artists from around the world, finding solace in the sounds of Markus Schulz and M.I.K.E. With the inspiration of so many artists, Austin De Chêne has developed a unique understanding of the energy music can create.

A resident of New York, NY, Austin De Chêne has incorporated the unique experiences of the city into his productions and DJ sets. During this time, he has put the influence of the environment into the context of his music.

His current projects involve the release of a bi-monthly episode on as well as club events in the NYC area and beyond. Each new episode averages 50 minutes in length and provides the listener a time for both thought and reflection, while giving the individual a taste of the progressive underground.

Recently his episodes have been featured on,, DI.FM and has been booked to play venues including PachaNYC.

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